Sally Ragdoll's Blog

Chapter 1: Walk to the Ride of her life

(flash back)

Yells comes from a Apt. Building 731. A woman and a man batters back and forth calling names and cussing as if it was about to go out of style. A muscular man walks out pulling up his baggy pants and buckled his belt which is only going to let the jeans sag to a certain length. He turns towards the doorway only to see his hoodie being tossed at him. “Yo what the fuck!? Don’t be throwing my shit because you mad!”

A woman, slender walks to the doorway with nothing but panties on. You can see nothing but the words ‘pissed off’ written on her face. “I have every right to be mad! I’m sick of you man talking that shyt on how you can put it down and my favorite ‘you been messing with the wrong niggas. I promise you ain’t gonna find another like me…’ yea riiiight.” She star’s t using her hands to express herself and her breast shake from each movement catching his attention for a moment. “My eyes are up here but you know what… get your last look because this will be the last time you get this again!” She slams the door.


Her alarm goes with the song from 112-We can do it anywhere. It Keeps ringing over and over till she slaps it on the floor and the batteries flew out. Yawns “I hate mornings, especially when theirs is no one to wake up to.” She walks to the living and goes towards to the table with the answering machine and presses play. “Yo bitch, Wake ya ass up!  I know you hear me…  Stace. Stacie! Iight yo, hit me back, 1.” Sigh “That bitch always gotta be dumb loud and dumb ghetto.” Stacie walks to her bathroom to take a shower with nothing but the clothes she had on when she went to sleep. Her nightwear was panties and her birthday suit. She starts the shower and looks in at the bathroom mirror and plays with her dirty blond hair, then tries to untangle the curls. Her skin was vampire pale which left her being center of attention during the cold seasons.  In the summer she just got tanned all over because of her skimpy dress style. “Where’s that shower radio… oh! Here it is.” She hangs it up on the shower  pole and fiddles to find a station, “Let’s see what it’s gonna be like today.” A man voice finally comes from the radio. “Wassup, wassup everybody this is your boy Funk Master Flex and before I drop the bomb on you I’m gonna be letting you know it’s gonna be a hot day today iight. Gonna be that 95 degrees so get that water when you go out, no doubt so let’s get back to the music and drop hits feel me!”

“Damn! Well I know what I’m gonna be wearin’ haha!” Khia from the radio with the song My neck, My back. Stacie takes off her panties and throws them on the floor, then hops in the shower. Stacie always had bath & body works in her bathroom. When she got out she always smelled good but while she was in the shower she always had thoughts running through her head. She thought about the porn she watched last night. It was a girl getting gang banged bye 2 guys. She kept rewinding it until she came and then turned it off and fell asleep. “Man maybe all these wack ass niggas I’m getting is showing it’s not them. Maybe I need two to get the work done. I should go out and do something crazy like that.” She talks to herself more about for a bit then realizes she needed to go. Stacie hops out the shower and turns the radio off and wiped the mirror to brush her teeth. The thought of her being fucked by more than one man kept running through her mind that if it kept going she was gonna have a herself some me time and need that 2nd shower.  She got done brushing her teeth and head out the bathroom to get dressed and get to the bus stop.


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